Reach Millions of Shoppers at their Fingertips with Digital Coupons

Reach Millions of Shoppers at their Fingertips with Digital Coupons

Our Digital Coupon Book reaches 80-90% of every shopper-visit right at their fingertips for an average of 41-minutes per visit. Digital Coupon Books are updated every 2-week period and feature high value digital coupons, a customer store guide and more.

Where Point of Purchase & Mobile Converge

The Digital Coupon Book program combines the power of print and mobile in-store.  Retailer content areas educate shoppers on the value of downloading their mobile app and then reward them with huge digital coupon savings by using their app in-store as they shop.

Activate Your Digital Coupons In-Store

With the Digital Coupon Book and the supermarkets mobile coupon to card feature on their mobile app, your valuable digital coupons will come to life in-store. 

Creating a Better Shopping Experience

The store guide includes a list of approximately 125 of the hardest to find products and frequently forgotten items.

The Digital Coupon Book is Great for the Shopper, Retailer, and Manufacturer


  • QUICK and CONVENIENT way to see which coupons are available

  • FUN and FRICTIONLESS way to redeem digital coupons

  • HELPFUL STORE GUIDE to locate hard to find products

  • CONSISTANT REMINDER of the value of downloading the retailer’s mobile app

  • EASY ACCESS to deeply discounted sales


  • MOTIVATES shoppers to download their mobile app
  • REWARDS shoppers to regularly engage with their mobile app

  • PROMOTES sales and corporate initiatives

  • DRIVES impulse sales and center aisle traffic

  • ENHANCES shopping experience

  • EARNS INCREMENTAL REVENUE through additional third party advertising

  • POSITIONED where 80-90% of shoppers can see it


  • EFFICIENTLY reaches 80-90 % of all in-store shoppers

  • DRIVES shoppers directly to your products in-store

  • ACTIVATES digital coupons in-store
  • POWERFUL way to message brand benefits, in-store

  • INCREASED ROI from your digital coupon spend

  • DRIVES incremental sales

A Safer Option

Our program employs antimicrobial technology in the shopping cart handle and the pages of the digital coupon book. This technology fights or prevents the spread of microbes reducing or retarding the growth of microorganisms. Our polymeric material has been shown to have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties.

A Greener Option

Converting to our Program, you can save thousands of trees, lessen pollution and waste each year and because these Inserts are used by many more shoppers can have a greater impact on your sales and the environment.

The Team

Dominick Porco
Dominick PorcoExecutive Chairman
Dominick is a seasoned media executive with deep grocery experience. For eleven years, Dominick was in senior management positions at News America Marketing, the largest in-supermarket advertising company in North America and a division of News Corp Ltd. He started with the company in 1993 as a regional sales manager and was soon promoted to national sales manager and then to President, in 1996. Under his leadership, News America Marketing grew from a $500 million per year domestic coupon distribution company into a $1 billion per year global marketing services company. For the past ten years, he served as Chairman & CEO of Adspace networks, the largest digital place based network in the US.
Bryan Crum
Bryan CrumPresident & CEO
Bryan is a seasoned business executive with strong operations and business development experience. Bryan was the President & CEO of Engage In-Store and IMA and the inventor and developer of the proprietary Shopper Savings Guide program. Under his leadership his company sold, produced and serviced programs for supermarket and mass retailers in North & South America. These programs are used by more than two million shoppers every week.
David Kaelin
David KaelinChief Technology Officer
David Kaelin is the former President of the Public Information Management (PIM) Division and member of the senior executive team of Appriss Inc. David co-founded Open Portal Solutions in 1998. As CEO, David helped establish OPS as a leading provider of statewide public safety technology solutions and led the business through its eventual sale in 2010 to Appriss a Bain Venture Capital and JMI Equities portfolio company. David obtained his degree in Business Economics from Western Kentucky University.