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Shopper Savings Guide

Shopper Savings Guide

The Shopper Savings Guide reaches 80-90% of every shopper-visit right at their fingertips, right where your products are sold, for an average of 41 minutes per visit.

Shopper Savings Guides are updated every 4 week period and feature mobile coupons, great recipe ideas, new products, a customer checklist & store guide and more.  This combination of  valuable information is likely why a supermarket study has shown that 92% of shoppers were likely to use it during future visits.

Where Print & Mobile Converge

The Shopper Savings Guide program combines the power of print and mobile in-store.  Retailer content areas educate shoppers on the value of downloading their mobile app and then reward them with huge mobile coupon savings by using their app in-store as they shop.

The New FSI - In-Store Mobile Coupons

With the Shopper Savings Guide and the supermarkets mobile coupon to card feature on their mobile app, your promotional coupons will come to life in-store. 

Reach 50 million shoppers in-store vs. 50 million shoppers at home.  

Research Highlights

  • 83% of shoppers said the sales guide reminded them to buy something they forgot to purchase.
  • 69% said the sales guide influenced an impulse purchase.
  • 91% of shoppers rated the sales guide as Extremely or Very Helpful.
  • 92% of all shoppers, when shown the sales guide, plan to use it in future visits.
  • 82% said the store directory was Very Helpful.

Creating a Better Shopping Experience

The Shopper Savings Guide includes a 200 item store guide featuring four major household category checklists full of frequently forgotten items.  Checklists and store guides are store specific and updated every 4 week period.

Local Business Spotlight - Featured Business

Our Local Business Spotlight Program can put your company's three page promotion or brochure in the hands of 3,000 to 50 million heads of household every week.  If you're the owner of one boutique store wanting to run a 4 week sale or a national service provider wanting to reach primary decision makers, we can put your information directly in their hands for an average of 41 minutes per impression. We're your business partner that can deliver results.

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